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Re: all traffic through a VPN on top of tor, done!

* on the Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 04:28:20PM +0000, John Case wrote:

>> Second, it sounds like you want to protect against a local attacker from
>> seeing your traffic.  If so, go to proxy.org, find an https:// or
>> vpn-based provider and enjoy your encrypted protection against your
>> local ISP seeing your destination.
>> If you actually want anonymity, then use Tor as is, for it's designed to
>> provide anonymity online by default.
> Yes, but back to my thread hijack :)
> Let's say my protection model does indeed require Tor, but at the same  
> time requires "more" speed.
> Forcing Tor to only use fast nodes probably doesn't work, since those 
> fast nodes are probably inundated just like the slow ones are.  This also 
> suggests that organic growth in the Tor network is not going to solve 
> much of the speed problem in the near term...  existing users will 
> certainly use more and more traffic.

If you're only concerned with hiding where you're connecting to from
your neighbour, you can modify the source code fairly easily to make two
hop circuits instead of three hop circuits (*). You could then limit the
ExitNodes to be fairly local (your own country), and then after a little
trial and error, manually pick a group of EntryNodes which are also in
your own country, and which perform well for you. High bandwidth
University nodes for example. One thing you absolutely don't want to do
is use a Hidden Service for your VPN as that doubles the number of hops
in the circuit.

(*) I can't remember how though. Google it.

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