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Re: Tor: Scroogle blocked, Google not ? (November 2009)

dreamcat four wrote:
> Hi,
> The past few days I've noticed that all http requests to
> https://ssl.scroogle.org have invariably failed. This appeared as a
> DNS failure. After switching over to the regular http (non-ssl)
> version of scroogle, I found that was generally working for another
> couple of days then that went away too with the same can't resolve
> host / No such domain. Anyone else also experienced this?
> And google. Nearly as strange have been my experience google lately.
> The reason I started using Scroogle a while back was simply because
> google had been blocking Tor exit nodes from performing searches. But
> just today my first 2 searches worked. By prior experience this is
> very uncommon. The first search had accepted cookies, the second
> search cookies were disabled and it still worked just fine. Maybe
> simply a coincidence and/or blind luck? Again, can anyone confirm /
> deny?

I have found the same , too !

> Best regards


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