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Re: Tor: Scroogle blocked, Google not ? (November 2009)

     On Mon, 23 Nov 2009 01:24:29 +0100 gabrix <gabrix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>dreamcat four wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The past few days I've noticed that all http requests to
>> https://ssl.scroogle.org have invariably failed. This appeared as a
>> DNS failure. After switching over to the regular http (non-ssl)
>> version of scroogle, I found that was generally working for another
>> couple of days then that went away too with the same can't resolve
>> host / No such domain. Anyone else also experienced this?
>> And google. Nearly as strange have been my experience google lately.
>> The reason I started using Scroogle a while back was simply because
>> google had been blocking Tor exit nodes from performing searches. But
>> just today my first 2 searches worked. By prior experience this is
>> very uncommon. The first search had accepted cookies, the second
>> search cookies were disabled and it still worked just fine. Maybe
>> simply a coincidence and/or blind luck? Again, can anyone confirm /
>> deny?
>I have found the same , too !
     I confess to being somewhat mystified as to why anyone on the
OR-TALK list would still be using either of those search engines directly
anymore.  I quit using them years ago.  Why not try a metasearch engine
that has shown a modicum of respect for privacy instead?


They have an alias, too, now at


Both accept HTTP as well as HTTPS if you need to play around with them.
Their home pages have links to their privacy policy at


It is short and well worth reading.

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