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Re: AN idea of non-public exit-nodes

On Wed, 2009-11-25 at 02:51 +0300, James Brown wrote:
> In the context of the above information concerning the ban of Tor's
> nodes by the LJ (and in other such cases) I have an idea to provide in
> the Tor net for non-public exit-notes.
> This solution will be very, very useful for residents of the countries
> under tyrannical and fascist regimes like Russia and such others.
> P.S. It is very important for residents of such countries because only
> such measures can support liberty of speach and privacy for their. I
> want all you to know that after many proceedingses against bloggers and
> other Internet users in Russian ended  conditional sentences the Putin's
>  gestapo was arrest a young girl in Moscow for her writing on Internets
> forums etc. on September, 2009.
> I think that it is not a last arrest of bloggers in Russia.

I like this idea, but I doubt that you'll get much support for it
because it goes against the Tor network's reputation of "if you want to
block us, you can."

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