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Re: Danish TPB DNS Blocks

2009/11/25 Nils Vogels <bacardicoke@xxxxxxxxx>
Would changing the DNS server for the tor exitserver solve this? If
so, I think the exit admins should solve this, and if not risk a
badexit flag.

Changing the DNS server to DNS rootservers would fix this problem. 

2009/11/25 Georg Sluyterman <georg@xxxxxxxxxx>
Have you tried e-mailing the ones giving the problem (if they have any

I found one, and I assume that there are more of them, I could email all the Danish nodes and inform them, I suppose, but I might be pestering a number of people who had already solved the problem.

I must admit that i did not think of this when i set up my danish
exit-node. I have changed it to OpenDNS now.
OpenDNS is not a good idea: it actually doesn't operate a neutral service. OpenDNS hijacks invalid domain names. If you want to use a neutral DNS server, pick some of the DNS root servers from http://root-servers.org/.