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[ANNOUNCE] Chromium Browser VM Beta

Hello everyone,

I've been working on a secured browser VM for the last few months, and I feel it's to a point that it can be shared with the rest of the world.

You can find the project at:    http://www.janusvm.com/chromium_vm/index.html

The Chromium Browser VM is just what the name says.  It's the open source web browser, Chromium, placed inside a VM.  Unlike a normal VM, the browser attempts to export it's display back to the Host OS via the X11 protocol.  This makes the browser feel native to the end user while operating from inside the VM.  Windows users will be using Xming to get X11 protocol compatibility, which comes with the ChromiumVM.zip file.  Linux and Mac OS X users should be able to run the VM with little to no problems.  The VM runs from a ISO image, so you know that the browser is working with a known good state everytime you use it.

There are still a few bugs that have to be worked out, but most of those bugs rest in the hands of Google.  Updates to this VM will become available as new releases of Chromium become available.  The two major problems are printing and saving files.  I've got a temporary fix for Windows users so they can download and save files, but it's ugly (uses Samba) and I'm working towards a better solution.

Obviously, this project supports Tor.  When booting the VM, choose which mode you would like to operate in.

There is basic documentation on the site, so please read it before asking questions.
Feedback is welcome.  Hope you enjoy it.

Best regards,

Kyle Williams