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Firefox,FireFTP,FTP etc. downloads anonymity.

When we read the Tor FAQs related to anonymity of ftp tranfers there are several questions that come to mind:

1)Is the most recent Filezilla really secure/tested so we can trust the anonymity it provides through Tor?(something close to Firefox/Privoxy/Torbutton?)

2)Using Firefox 3.6.12 and FireFTP 1.0.9(most recent versions) downloading from Adobe(Flash Player,Adobe Reader,for example) I receive a warning that an external application is being launched -accept or reject-,is this app FireFTP?Is this warning coming from Torbutton?Does FireFTP 1.0.9 still leak DNS requests?

3)When it comes to ftp through Tor and reading the Tor FAQs it seems the better solution is 3proxy,however this software is not integrated on the major (any?)linux distributions and downloading directly it must be done from a russian website.The guys behind 3proxy can be really trustworthy but I do not feel specially comfortable using the software.