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Re: Node not listed

On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 5:45 AM, Andrea Trentini
<andrea.trentini@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> same thing happened to me, seems that since a week or so ago my node
> disappeared from the list at https://torstatus.all.de (but also other lists
> node is "alizTor"

This looks just like the bug I posted a patch for yesterday and asked
people to try out. The bug is #2204; it makes routers not work when
you're on openssl 0.9.8p/1.0.0b (or another version, if your vendor
has backported the CVE-2010-3864 fix).  The patch I posted should fix
it.  You can also downgrade your openssl.  Alternatively, just wait a
little while: Roger is going to be releasing and Very Soon Now.

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