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Re: Do I need an updated .torrc file?

On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 09:51:16PM +0000, Matthew wrote:
> "## Configuration file for a typical Tor user
> ## Last updated 12 April 2009 for Tor
> ## (May or may not work for much older or much newer versions of Tor.) "
> Do I need to get a new .torrc version?  I have had a look online and 
> cannot find a template.  I am using the latest version ( so see 
> no reason to install from scratch.

That's actually the newest version of the default torrc. I update the
date and version at the top when I change the file, but I try not to
change the file often because every time it changes some of the packages
(e.g. Debian) need to interact with the user, to ask if they want to
keep their old torrc version or move to the new version.


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