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Re: [tor-talk] Facebook brute forcing hidden services

I would never use this unless you were actually censored from
accessing facebook via clearnet. All it will do is serve to officially
tell facebook that you are a tor user that FB can then further
discriminate against as a class in the future once they start to
lock down clearnet against exit nodes, travelers, etc or whatever
their scheme is or will be.

Remember, FB's official policy is still:
- Real Names required
- Phone Numbers / ID required
- DOB required
- Gender required
- Email required
- Etc required
- Users are the product that is being mined and sold and shared.

Such non optional elements, and choices, powers and rights
removed from the user, are in direct opposition to the principles
of Tor and anonymity. Normally support for onion/i2p is good thing,
but when still backed by crap like this it's largely meaningless.


[Some posters already seem to be getting locked out
for using onion but of course cannot truly know why
because FB does not state their metrics.]
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