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Re: [tor-talk] DogecoinDark Cryptocurrency is now fully dark using Tor

On 2014-11-01 21:50, BM-2cUqBqHFVDHuY34ZcpL3PNgkpLUEEer8ev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Please stop doing masked advertising to this mail list.

What makes a client sure that DogecoinDark software protects them against
malicious peers feeding them scrambled data? What are the protections?

Wow! Someone sure has their panties in a twist! You're reply was 3 times longer than the original post. Also you are FUDing the group. Can you please provide any proof whatsoever of your claims as to the new DOGED being a scam? Your attacks are baseless.

All I see is that you are a self-appointed "sheriff" to the group. I didn't ask for or need your "protection".

I'm not defending DOGED but I DO feel that any senseless attacks against any poster to this group are unwarranted.

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