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Re: [tor-talk] Configuring TorBirdy


> Hi,
> I've installed TorBirdy, successfully, I think.
> However, when I go to
> "Open TorBirdy preferences" -> "Test Proxy Settings"
> it complaints about I'm not using TBB, in despite it is installed
> and running.
> More over, if I shut TBB down, icedove stops
> sending/receiving email. On the other side,
> TBB is listening in:
> "SocksPort 9150".
> How can I convince TorBirdy that it is using TBB ?

You can install tor daemon so that applications like Thunderbird dont
have to depend on TBB. Its a standalone service and will start running
on system start. This way, you can also configure other applications to
work through Tor Proxy.
Please note that Tor daemon probably listens on 9050 port and hence you
may have change the settings in TorBirdy for it to connect through Tor

P.S. I am pretty new to Tor ecosystem. Would request any more
experienced Tor user to confirm if what I have suggested is the right
way to go.


Vignesh Prabhu

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