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Re: [tor-talk] go impeachman go 2

On Mon, Nov 03, 2014 at 06:37:47PM +0000, raiogam mestri wrote:
> Position yourself against the Bolivarian communist expansion in Brazil promoted by the administration of Dilma RousseffOn 10/26, Dilma Rousseff was reelected, and will continue his party's plan to establish a communist regime in Brazil - the Bolivarian molds propounded by the Foro de SÃo Paulo. We know that in the eyes of the international community, the election was fully democratic, but the ballot boxes used are not reliable, apart from the fact the heads of the judiciary, are mostly members of the winning party. Social policies also influenced the choice of the president, and people were threatened with losing their food allowance if they do not re-elect Dilma. We call a White House position in relation to communist expansion in Latin America. Brazil does not want and will not be a new Venezuela, and the USA that need help the promoters of democracy and freedom in Brazil.

What's wrong with communism? One-third of my life I lived in USSR. With 
all the negative aspects of the regime that was in the Soviet Union, I 
want to tell you about the three things that I perceive as the abnormal, 
but which were the norms, when my country rush into capitalism:

1. Misery. The first time I gave alms in the early 90s in Moscow. I
vividly remember this moment, because at that time my father had to
explain to me what the heck is going on and why these people are sitting
and begging for money. We did not know that this is the norm.

2. Education. We did not know that education may not be available to
someone or that it can be paid and unequal access. My grandfather was
educated at BMSTU (it's something like the US's MIT). Free. He was from 
rural areas. Today, to get an education at this university, you must be 
either a genius or rich or have a clout.

3. Paid health care. My parents visit only private clinics. We visit 
only paid dentists. My sister gave birth in a private room and she was 
submitted by individual nurse. It is good that we have money. Yes, I
forgot to say that my family is on average much wealthier than the
general population of Russia. Last week I bought 300 square meters of
office space in the city center. Eighteen months later, I'm counting my
welfare increase in the half. ..Paid health - nonsense. All people
should have equal access to health care. Totaly free.

Give people three things: food, warmth and shelter. And you do not have
to call for help to the United States to combat the evil and dangerous

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