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Re: [tor-talk] Operation Onymous against hidden services, most DarkNet markets are down

mroq qorm <mroqorm@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> sure, parallel construction is a problem, also in the SR 1.0 case, but
> let's not get ahead of ourselves and call tor into question again  

The location hidden services are just ONE of the features Tor provides.

The Tor developers themselves ADMIT that this specific feature is not
particularly secure:

"The long-term keypair of a Hidden Service is an RSA-1024 keypair which
nowadays is considered weak."[1]

I for one think it is PERFECTLY reasonable to question the security of
this particular feature. Just the amount of sites that went down on the
same day should be reason enough to ask some hard questions regarding
the (lack of) security hidden services provide. 

If the FBI had shut down ONE website then you could explain that away.
Indeed SR2 can be explained with the simple fact that it was a honeypot
from the beginning: They brag about how a Homeland Security person was
involved since BEFORE that site was launched. 

It is very interesting that absolutely NO information regarding all the
other sites that went down today has been put forward. Could this be
because they do not have any plausible explanation as to how these
sites were found and taken down?

One thing is clear regardless of what happened to these sites: Those
hidden services "need some love" as the Tor people themselves admit.
And I personally recommend not using them until they do.

> just imagine the positive press for LE if they SAVED THE CHILDREN  

Are there any huge BTC wallets that can be seized by doing so?

[1] https://blog.torproject.org/blog/hidden-services-need-some-love

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