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Re: [tor-talk] Namecalling and Paranoia (was Operation Onymous against hidden services, most DarkNet markets are down)

>>>>> obvious cointelpro:
>>>> Could you please stop calling people that. Its rude.
>>> As rude as it may be, is it wise to keep people alert and on their
>>> toes, rather than lolled into a false sense of 'perceived security'?
>>> Think if you yourself had 'something important' to communicate with
>>> the world, and you came here and everyone patted everyone else on
>>> the back and agreed that a Tor HS would provide all you need and
>>> implied that everyone on this list can be trusted - is how you'd
>>> like to be treated?
>>> I'd rather stay paranoid and safe.
>> Previous poster is clearly a government agent sent here to sow
>> discontent and mistrust amongst Tor users leading to our eventual
>> downfall. :P
> LMAO!!! Except Tor IS a government project. 

Indeed.  We live in a strange strange world.

One section of the US Government (the NSA) wants to break Tor and
spends tons of money to do so, while another section of the US
Government spends money making Tor more secure.

(I've changed this threads title in case it continues on, but I'm
pretty much read to let it die, sorry for getting so off-topic)

Thank you,
Derric Atzrott

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