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Re: [tor-talk] Replacing a dirauth: Welcome longclaw

Sebastian Hahn <sebastian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> after many years of service Mike Perry is retiring his dirauth, turtles.
> It hasn't been functional for some time, so we decided to add a new
> dirauth to replace it. The new dirauth will be hosted by Micah Anderson
> (hi Micah). It'll bring some more geographical diversity to the Tor
> network, as it is run out of Hong Kong. Its name will be longclaw.
> Please join me in thanking Mike for his dedication to Tor and the Tor
> network and his focus on the Tor Browser which necessitated this change.
> Welcome Micah, and thanks for taking up the challenge. If you have any
> questions or concerns, don't hesitate to hit reply.

Thanks Mike for all the work running turtles as a DirAuth!

I just wanted to clarify that this DirAuth is happening thanks to Riseup
Networks[0]. Riseup has been a long time supporter of the Tor Project:
running exit nodes, handing out bridges for BridgeDB, hosting the Tails
project issue tracker, and more. Its a natural fit for Riseup to also
support a DirAuth!


0. https://riseup.net

riseup offered for this dirauth to be run on their infrastructure, thanks and more power to them"

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