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Re: [tor-talk] passing a URL to Tor browser

2014-11-20 16:47 GMT+00:00 Hartmut Haase <hha4491@xxxxxx>:
> Hi,
> how do I pass  a URL to Tor browser by just clicking on the link?

since tor browser is a fork of firefox, but shouldn't interfere with
the running system's firefox, it's a little complicated. you can't
have both running at the same time, opening links from different

as of tor browser 4.0 there's the -allow-remote argument you can pass
to it, to support opening links when clicking on them in a chat client
for instance. you will need to copy/edit the start script though (not
sure how tor browser starts on windows/mac), or if you use linux, just
pass it like ./start-tor-browser -allow-remote

once tor browser is started with -allow-remote, if your system is
configured to open links with firefox, they will open in tor browser
instead of your system firefox

note that your system firefox now won't open, it would need the
-no-remote argument to do that
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