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[tor-talk] About eCommerce CMS in Tor

Hi this is Umair, Iâve downloaded tor and configured it according to
instructions, now I got both public & secret keys and I can access server /
site with public key, so far everything is working fine.

Next Iâve installed OpenCart eCommerce CMS and its working fine on normal
browser everything is loading perfect, but when I try to access it via
public key than only html markup loads up, it seems stylesheet & other
scripts arenât loading. I also think it could be because of port, but I
donât know how to fix this issue.

So please let me know should I continue with OpenCart CMS or is there any
better CMS for TOR. So please suggest me and guide me about the OpenCart
issue. Thanksâ

Umair Razzaq,
www.UmairRazzaq.com <http://www.umairrazzaq.com>
www.Appcotech.com <http://www.appcotech.com>
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