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Re: [tor-talk] Once again: window size

Hartmut Haase wrote:
> my english is not good enough anymore to understand number (7), and I
> simpy do not understand why the Tor browser opens with the last used
> window size and changes to default after one second.

To oversimplify:

A website can learn your window size because it needs to draw the page
differently.  If two users used different window sizes, the website could
distinguish them: if you use 800x600, and I use 1024x768, then it knows
that someone visiting at 800x600 might be you and not me.  That is less
anonymous.  So Tor Browser needs to use the same window size for all users.
To make the size the same, it changes the size when you open a new window.
It doesn't make the window that size at the beginning because it's
more difficult to make that work and because changing the size is good
enough.  I do not know why you see a delay of one second.

Does that help?

   ---> Drake Wilson

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