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Re: [tor-talk] Elliptic Curve Crypto and the NSA

Justin wrote:
> Iâve been reading a paper that talks about why the NSA told everyone
> to move to quantum resistant crypto.  One of the ideas in the paper
> was that they may have broken elliptic curves.  I understand that
> theyâre used in Tor.  Does anyone think that NSA actually has the
> capability to break ECC?

Dual_EC_DRBG, a random number generation algorithm, was very likely
backdoored by the NSA. Tor doesn't use it. There is little evidence that
other EC algorithms have been subverted, although it's possible.

Here's a good resource if you're interested in learning more:


Speculation about the integrity of crypto algorithms is only one facet
of auditing the security of protocols like Tor, and it isn't always the
most fruitful one.
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