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Re: [tor-talk] Can't log in to Facebook or use Facebook via Tor Messenger

Ah, thanks a lot guys! Very informative, though I haven't understood
wholly of some or even more of what you guys said :) But hopefully I get
back to those soon. I'll keep an eye out.


On 11/03/2015 11:09 PM, Michael McConville wrote:
> Sukhbir Singh wrote:
>> * Michael McConville:
>>> Facebook stopped supporting XMPP and recently broke XMPP
>>> compatability. This is likely the problem, and there isn't an easy
>>> solution. James Geboski's libpurple plugin is the main open source
>>> implementation of their new proprietary protocol, IIUC.
>> This is also true. See:
>>     https://developers.facebook.com/docs/chat
>> But XMPP is still working and so is Tor Messenger. It seems like
>> either the docs are outdated, or the service is stil running but maybe
>> it's not being maintained, or whatever.
>> We got in touch with FB to clarify this and are waiting to hear from
>> them.
> Recently, their XMPP server silently began assigning authenticating
> users strings of random digits (e.g. 0329802437509@xxxxxxxxxxxx,
> approximately) as usernames. I remember a core Pidgin dev with a lot of
> protocol experience saying that accepting this response is either unsafe
> or a protocol violation (maybe both). However, most clients do, and
> therefore still work with Facebook.
> Regardless, having a username like that isn't very usable. I think there
> are new issues with fetching buddy lists, too.

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