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[tor-talk] Tor cameo in the comicÂâLes Vieux Fourneauxâ


âLes Vieux FourneauxâÂ[1] is a comic in French published last year by
Wilfrid Lupano and Paul Cauuet. Amongst other characters, it features a
group of anarchist elders called âNi Yeux Ni MaÃtresâÂ[2]. In the story
you see them fighting gentrification by filling up a trendy lounge bar
until it goes out of business.

One of the elder is getting hacking lessons from âArno Nimousseâ. The
latter has an onion sticker on his laptop.

Some images:


 [1]: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_Vieux_Fourneaux
 [2]: Meaning âNo Eyes No Mastersâ, but it sounds more funny in French.

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