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[tor-talk] actions taken against bad nodes


First, thanks for everyone here. I've been following the list for some 2
months and getting even more trust in the Tor community. I've been doing
digital security trainings for quite a while, and I talk about Tor since
the beginning. Watching this list (and now tor-teachers too) has been
invaluable to learning both how Tor works and what people struggle with
the most (I've been doing my best for the "Tor is a tool of the US
empire" one).

I wonder what actions are taken when you encounter bad nodes -- those
who merely watch may be difficult to spot, but those who modify traffic
should be easy to detect e.g. with the OONI infrastructure.

Is there a mechanism in place to ban them from the network, are they
only banned when certain studies come up (such the "spoiled onions" one)
or nothing at all is done?

I realize that a good portion of those nodes are located on judicially
hard places, but I also wonder if in some jurisdictions it would be
possible to prosecute the owners of these nodes.


Lucas Teixeira

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