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Re: [tor-talk] Protest Blocking Tor via CloudFlareâ and others


to bring this topic up again. I encounter more and more domains/pages
which deliver the plain text message:

> Access denied.  Your IP address [tor.exit.node.ip] is blacklisted.  If you
> feel this is in error please contact your hosting providers abuse
> department.

They seem to come from big hosters like hostmonster.com and bluehost.com
(or maybe just those, I did not look into too many examples...).

The blocking does not entail all exit nodes, so with clicking "New Tor
Circuit for this site" in Tor Browser you are usually able to get
through in the end, but it is annoying, and you need to be aware that
you this might lead to success.

So a good first step might be to ask them to expand their block message
to be helpful for unexperienced Tor users. Any suggestions?

Also someone started a second Etherpad next to the original CloudFlare
one to collect blocked domains:


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