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[tor-talk] Projects? (in anticipation of the TPP deal?)

I'm not sure how to reply to a mailing list I hope
I did it right.

>a lot of what you described sound like different
parts of
>- pond (https://github.com/agl/pond)
>- tox (https://tox.chat/)
>- Ricochet (https://ricochet.im/)
>- SMTPoverTor
>Maybe you can extend on that (like: integrating
pond into Thunderbird
>for example)?

Pond actually is very similar to what I came up
with. The main difference was pond was for
messaging in a BBS system and mine was for one
person. I rather code if there is interest and if
other people will write code with me so we can
check eachothers work. I'm not sure go is a good
language I imagine most people would rather be
written in C so they can compile it themselves or
in javascript so they can read over the source.

I don't see details on tox. Isn't tor messenger
what tox is? Ricochet sounds horrible. If two
users are on for 5 minutes a day or only go online
at specific times which don't overlap they would
never be able to send messages to eachother.
SMTPoverTor looks like an idea and not useable. It
also looks like it has different goals than both
of my suggestions. If people were working on that
I may be interested but I think using email is not
a good idea when we want to avoid metadata

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