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Re: [tor-talk] Can it be used on a android phone.

Orweb uses the built in webview feature of android, which can't use
remote dns resolving (required for .onion) and is not secure and
fails to protect your IP with html5 videos e.g.
Use Orfox instead, it's a Firefox fork with full socks5 support, so
.onion sites should work too.

Paul Kent wrote:
> Hello.
> I'm new to this and was wondering if you can use the orbot / orweb on a
> android phone. I can load normal sites like Google,  facebook ect but keep
> getting error messages when I try a .onion site.
> Is this because in try to do this on a phone and can only be done on a
> computer or I'm I doing something wrong.
> Kind regards.
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