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[tor-talk] Bear Bonds - a new cryptocurrency that uses Tor

I'm involved in a project to create a new cryptocurrency called Bear Bonds(TM).

One of the notable features for the Tor community is that all communication is via Tor using Tor hidden services. This includes communication between users and the network, and all communication between network nodes. Tor is used for both privacy and security. In particular, since the users are anonymized, it prevents a node on the network from attempting to send targeting information to a certain user or group of users.

If Bear Bonds is successful, we of course plan to give extensive support back to the Tor community.

We have a whitepaper, technical documentation and a technology preview software release on our website at https://www.bearbonds.org. The code is over 80% complete and we are working to finish it as quickly as possible.

Please feel free read the documentation and try out the wallet simulation script. We welcome any comments and questions.

Thank you,


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