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Re: [tor-talk] twitter tor block redux

On 11/12/2015 06:35 AM, Andreas Krey wrote:
> Hi all,
> datapoints: The last week twitter (via tweetdeck.twitter.com)
> looked normal. I could log in and see my feed, but I couldn't
> post anything any more ('suspicious activity'). Once I got
> blocked and needed to use a mailed password token.
> An acquaintance retried an account he had used some time
> ago, and it is now logged and requires to immediately
> add a phone number to send an unlock key.
> His account was only ever used via tor, mine is used
> only via tor for years, and from my iphone.
> This all feels very stupid.
> Andreas

If you must use Twitter via Tor, you can setup a VPS with a minimal LXDE
desktop and VNC onion service.

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