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Re: [tor-talk] How can I verify that this "Onionshare" program is indeed the one intended for me to get?


Thanks a lot! I think the best thing to do here is to ask assistance
from Micah :)

On 11/14/2015 09:45 PM, oliver wrote:
> Qaz:
> > how I can verify that this
> > Onionshare program is indeed the one intended for me to get?
> this program is not affiliated with the Tor Project, so in order to get
> specific assistance you'll have to talk to the original developer, Micah
> Lee.
> i'll help you, though. it appears you're fetching the project source
> code from Micah's github repository for the project. the only way i can
> think of verifying the authenticity is to hash the .deb file you build
> before you install it.
> i'm building on debian. my sha256 hash is below:
> c6437462011f4d103df4f7407edfcfdd0df646dd274c9f61d1f10baecf094f13
> deb_dist/onionshare_0.7.1-1_all.deb
> good luck.

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