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Re: [tor-talk] OBFS4 Blocking

On Thu, Nov 17, 2016 at 05:16:49AM -0600, Justin wrote:
> OBFS4 is blocked behind both filters. Cyberoam is doing some sort of
> timing attack, but I’m not sure what. When a bridge is used by lots of
> people, then it doesn’t work. Even enabling Iat mode=1 or 2 doesn’t
> fix the issue. When I tried a bridge with not many users, it worked no
> matter what Iat mode was set at.

What makes you think it's a timing attack?  I would block obfs4 by
checking if a bunch of rules are satisfied, for example: Does the server
reply to arbitrary requests?  Is the packet payload of high entropy?
What do the directions of the first n packets look like?

> Behind iBoss, they are fingerprinting Packet Interarrival times. Iat
> mode 1 and 2 worked no matter how much load the bridges had on them.

Is obfs4 blocked if you don't enable IAT mode?  It would surprise me if
anyone really uses inter-arrival times for fingerprinting.  Packet
jitter causes a lot of noise, which is why I imagine it to be an
unreliable data source.  Then again, if the DPI boxes are topologically
close to the origin, the noise might be negligible.
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