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Re: [tor-talk] Find Real IP via ISP.

ISP can't see that the user "changed" his IP adress on Tor. What you said could work on single-hop proxies or VPN, but not on Tor, remember on Tor you have not one but three hops. ISP can only see you are connecting to the first hop, not the remaining two (middle and exit, exit is the IP that the website will see).

El 22/11/2016 a las 12:48, Jason Long escribió:
As "Seth David Schoen" said, Governments can see that users using tor but can't see what they are doing. My questions is that if an ISP see that an IP address, For example, connected to the Tor network and user IP address changed to then if the user visit a website with Tor then if the websites owners show to the ISP then can ISP give to the website owner?

Thank you.

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