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Re: [tor-talk] What is "a.onion"?

Gisle Vanem:
> Trying the C-ares [1] program adig on some .onion addresses
> on my local Tor/Windows, I get responses like (short output):
> c:\>  adig -t A a.onion
> Answers:
>         a.onion        .        60      A
> Or c:\> adig -t A b.onion
> Answers:
>         b.onion        .        60      A
> -----
> What are these 127.a.b.c.d addresses and their relations to
> 'a' and 'b'?

Your tor daemon picks these .onion <-> IP address associations at
random. They're only valid for your local tor daemon instance, and
only until it is restarted. The IPv4 address range is controlled by
the VirtualAddrNetworkIPv4 option:


It can be used for transparent torification:



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