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Re: [tor-talk] onion balance needed by default

bo0od <bo0od@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I see that from a safe hosting perspective to Tor Hidden services, That
> Tor should maintain and ship onion balance by default.
> Which is sadly last ever maintained before more than 1 year or so, and
> also it lacks the support of onion v3.
> This is really useful and needed for cheep/safe hosting of a hidden
> service at home or any small server.
> as VPS not really always wise to host a hidden service + not much safe
> and trusted who accept btc and accept onion hidden service in their
> servers at the same time.
> so i prefer self hosted with latest Tor upgrade (onion v3) , but sadly
> not possible atm with a DOS protection.
> so i hope Tor take care of that and consider it as a core software for
> now and the future.
> Thank You!

Yes, I agree that onionbalance is an essential tool for onion service operators.

We have looked into how to make that possible for v3s but it doesn't
seem to be a trivial project: 

For what it's worth, we've been applying for onion-service related
funding as an organization so that we have more resources to support
third-party tools like onionbalance.

Other than that, we've been ultra busy bugfixing v3s and in general
supporting them, that does not allow us much time into improving
onionbalance given the current state of our resources.

Hope this was useful! :)
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