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Re: [tor-talk] Yet another Tor failure - DanWin1210.me Hosting hacked


yes my server got hacked. How - I do not know yet and I will need to do
an extensive analysis. I did indeed not maintain backups, partly for the
reason that users should have the right to be forgotten immediately when
deleting their accounts. Around 1TB of data is gone.

The scripts are open source and anyone who would like to build something
similar is welcome to do so. However you should note there might be a
risk of getting hacked too in case the vulnerability is hidden in those
scripts. I will re-instantiate my hosting only after the vulnerability
is found and fixed. https://github.com/DanWin/hosting/

Any updates will be posted on my front page: https://danwin1210.me/


On 16/11/2018 06:13, Mirimir wrote:
> On 11/15/2018 09:52 PM, torify@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> DanWin1210.me hosting service was hacked.
>> https://danwin1210.me/
>> All Tor Onions are dead.
> I guess that he didn't maintain backups :(
> Maybe some of those .onion owners did, though.
>> FH1: Unknown
>> FH2: Took down by FBI
>> FH3: Unknown
>> Danwin1210: Ripped by Anonymous
>> Now where is "Freedom Hosting IV"?
> Shared hosting is a security nightmare. Just sayin'.
>> And why so hate on Tor Onion service?
> This was just for lulz, no?

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