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Re: [tor-talk] Grey Borders / Viewbox in tor


Am 06/11/2019 um 00.09 schrieb David Teller:
> 	Hi Jan,
>  I haven't noticed this border, but torBrowser does add random borders
> to windows to make it harder to fingerprint you. So what you're
> describing actually sounds like a privacy feature :)

well ... thanks for the Info.

From a UX perspective its clumsy, because it occupies space that could
be used, otherwise. I prefer the old approach (warning before maximising
tor-browser). The gray letterbox catches my attention. Maybe a different
color, resizing behaviour (e.g. docking to letter boxes) would do
better. I guess, that other people consider this to be annoying, too.

From a privacy perspective, I'm not sure about this. Is there a study?

Clearly, different sizes provide entropy - but for this letter box
(boxes? are there multiple sized ones?) to have an impact, the screen
resolution must be among the few sources of entropy to make a
statistically significant difference. Is it like this? Maybe its an
option to have more letterboxes (e.g. differeing by 10 pixels) to occupy
less space while still reducing entropy.

Greetz, Jan

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