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Re: [tor-talk] Brave Review Mentions Tor

On 11/15/19, Drew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <Drew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> …seeing ads start popping up in the Tor sites I visited

> The author is not clear enough if “Tor sites” means .onion sites or sites
> accessed through an exit node.

Both onionland and the Internet are full of advertising.
At least part of onionland still has a nostalgic feel to it :)

> 1) VPN
> 2) Tor

Keep in mind that both entites are essentially in the
business of selling their own sort of reasonably
good yet well caveated products, they both receive
sizable compensation streams in return.

When evaluating the claims of each,
it is best to consider not only them,
but also independant analysis as well.

And integrate into your own use case and
threat models whichever of one, both, or
none of them, that may serve you best.

Just like old BBS and telnet jump hosts and
all sorts of proxies including http, VPN's
and even other services and overlay networks
can provide good levels of protection for the
cases in which they apply.

Tor is not universally applicable or safe, neither
are any of them. Tools just don't work that way.

> expense

Any opensource software and its services that appear "free",
their users should consider ways to give something back,
particularly to those they use every week but that
receive little to nothing, in part due to the higher friction
barriers smaller and unincorporated projects have.

That's part of what Brave, BAT, and cryptocurrency
in general is about.
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