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[tor-talk] Search Usability Regression in v10

I’m seeing a small but annoying usability problem in v10 of Tor Browser (tested with 10.0.2 on a Mac). Replication:

Open a new window
Search using either the URL bar or the “Search with DDG” field. On the page with search results, note that the page’s URL doesn’t contain the search query in the URL parameters.
Click on a link in the search results
Click the back button
Actual behavior: you are returned to a blank search page
Expected behavior: you are returned to your search results

I don’t see this problem in the latest version of Firefox, 82.0.3. I don’t remember seeing this problem before Tor Browser v10. 

I’m wondering whether this was an intentional change, or something that should be fixed. Hopefully it's an easy fix: if the search is conducted using URL parameters, then the back button should work as expected. 

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