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Re: (FWD) Tor, Socks bind, and BitTorrent

On Mon, Oct 11, 2004 at 09:28:33AM +0100, Paul Gardner wrote:
> Oct 11 09:25:18.687 [err] D:\Documents and Settings\nickm\My
> Documents\tor\src\or\circuituse.c:803: ???: Assertion rendcirc failed;
> aborting.
> Assertion failed: rendcirc, file D:\Documents and Settings\nickm\My
> Documents\to
> r\src\or\circuituse.c, line 803

Great, thanks for the bug report. I've fixed this one too (I think).
We'll aim to get a pre3-cvs exe out in the next few days, so we can
make sure these bugs aren't still around.

Keep the bug reports coming, folks!