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end to end


why has TOR not end to end encryption, do you know Mute and Antsp2p on sf.net ? there was a big discussion of both developers to implement end to end encryption or not on the mute sf.net mailinglist and on the jetiantsp2p mailinglist on yahoogroupscom. Read it. Because all say, if you route and proxy media from others, this should be end to end encrypted.

2. Personally I want to test TOR with Morpheus and privoxy/ 
or SocksCap or the Hummingbird.

We need a FAQ site how to do the installing with a concret p2p app.
Can you write this step by step? Or is there a wiki, so that I can domumentate my muddling through step by step from given help?

Privoxy does not work? Sockscap is not for winXP and Hummingbird is only for a 6 months test. 

So what should we use for Morpheus, Shareaza or Emule (I want to write a howto for all three apps)? Which is the easiest to start with?

Please choose one of those apps and describe me how to download with a  tor plus socket app. Some hits please.