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FBI cracking down on "obscenity"


More obscenity crackdowns: FBI shuts sex text site, court rules against adult shops.
The FBI raided the home of an erotic text website owner Friday:

The website, red-rose-stories.com, posted a notice on its home page announcing the raid and warning customers that the FBI now has access to all past customer information.

\u201cI am sorry to inform all interested parties that Red Rose Stories is a DEAD site,\u201d read a statement posted on the website by operator Rosie. \u201cThe FBI has suceeded [sic] in closing me down. I am being charged with 'OBSCENITIES' and face charges for having posted such stories. Our stories are NOT protected speech. Please, please, be careful out there.\u201d

The stories in question, according to the website\u2019s announcements, include no images or videos, but describe acts of bestiality, urination, scat, BDSM, slavery, threesomes, orgies and sex with children.

Link. In related news, a judge struck down the first amendment defense put forth by two adult video stores charged with selling "obscene" hardcore videos.