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Re: Tor not working

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Spin Doctor wrote:
>>> I've been trying to connect to various web sites through Tor on
>>> Firefox on Mac OS X, but it no longer works for any site. I
>>> get the error page saying that Tor is enabled on port 8118 but it

Tor does not operate on port 8118 in the default configuration, but
9050. 8118 is the privoxy port and is a http/https proxy. Port 9050 is
the default tor port and it runs on the Socks protocol as opposed to the
http protocol on the privoxy. privoxy connects to tor as a socks 4a (a
specific type of socks proxy)

>>> could not load the page because a connection to couldn't be
>>> established.

if it is saying you can't connect to that is either because a
firewall is blocking the connection, not so much on that address but on
the specific port, OR, as Roger says, because one of your proxy programs
is not running.

Have a look at what you have to do to get tor running, perhaps you have
normally manually started it up, but then forgot to do so? Perhaps you
changed a configuration and forgot you'd changed it? one must not forget
that in mac os you can twiddle settings on the console and in fancy aqua
gui interfaces... i'm just going to check what privoxy tells me when i
turn off my tor proxy...

did it say this:

- --8<--snip--8<--

This is Privoxy 3.0.3 on localhost (, port 8118, enabled
Connect failed

Your request for http://www.google.com/ could not be fulfilled, because
the connection to www.google.com ( could not be established.

This is often a temporary failure, so you might just try again.

- --8<--snip--8<--

that's what privoxy responds with (the number 503 is a red box with
white numbers) when i turn off my tor client proxy.
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