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Re: More bad tor server?

Hi  *News Assi*   :

> could it be, that there are more and more "bad" tor exit server? Because
> I've some times ad frames around the main pages or only ad pages.
> There're more experiences?

The exit node allow the Http requests and they, as far as I know, add anything to these requests.
Take also in account that the requests transit accross many nodes before the exit one. 

The ad frames comes from the web sites. 
Normally privoxy control this. 
(And some Firefox extensions such as AdBlock plus, NoScript and so on)
Did web filtering is enabled in privoxy?
Check this in the Main configuration file:
4.2. toggle
the variable "toggle" must be set to  0
and no # at the beginning of the line...

What you can do is to make an experience. 
Go to the web sites you're talking about and check in Vidalia what is the exit node.
Check if you have this ad frame then:
Click on "New identity" and check again the same site...

If there is a difference with some exit nodes then try this:

In torrc file add these variables:

ExitNodes nickname,nickname,...
 A list of preferred nodes to use for the last hop in the circuit. These
are treated only as preferences unless StrictExitNodes (see below) is also
StrictExitNodes 0|1
If 1, Tor will never use any nodes besides those listed in "ExitNodes" for
the last hop of a circuit.

and add the "no ad frame" node as exit node ...

or , as you wish, you may try to use my node as the exit.
My node is GULLIVER and it's presently running at 79 Kb/s...

Somethings like:
StrictExitNodes 1
in torrc file then restart Tor.

Remark. I'm sure this experience will failed
since these frames do not comes from the nodes...  ;-)


Claude LaFrenière