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Setting up a Tor private network

I'm in the process of playing around with Tor (beyond just using it as a client -- using it as a client has been no problem). In so doing, I am attempting to first set up a "tor private network" on a system and see how things work when running a couple of tor server processes. I am using the make-private-tor-network.py (I've also tried hand configuring) but things do not appear to work.

In the debug log, I am consistently seeing the following debug statement:

Oct 04 01:12:50.107 [info] router_have_minimum_dir_info(): We have 0 of 1 network statuses, and we want more than 0.

Is there something I am missing? It doesn't look lik eroutes are being established. Each of the non-directory nodes does connect and give information to the directory node, but that appears to be it. Is there a better writeup/discussion on setting up a private tor network?

And for the record, this is on both OS X and Linux -- the behaviour is consistent.