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Re: Confused about Tor settings

Hash: RIPEMD160

it's pissing me off that the dns leak problem hasn't been plugged yet,
to the point that i'm teetering on the edge of deciding to dedicate my
weekend to writing a dns proxy to sort this crap out permanently, in
c... a language i'm only moderately competent in... gah... i really want
this sorted, having dns requests flying out when they could be piped
throuh a socks4a proxy is nuts, how has this gone on for so long??? WTF!
*sigh* well if someone gets this het up about it then maybe they'll do
something :D *grin*

*looks at the tor source to get some idea of what i am up against*

jon smith wrote:
>  --- glymr <glymr_darkmoon@xxxxxxx> wrote: 
>> i'm pretty sure someone has written some dns proxy
>> that queries through
>> tor, i have a vague memory that it was only
>> implemented in windows
>> however. i'm going to look into this because i think
>> it'd be rather cool
>> to actually resolve all dns queries through tor,
>> although sometimes that
>> may wind up with different ip addresses depending on
>> the exit node doing
>> the query.
> I still don't get it. Tor is for anonymity. DNS leaks
> compromise anonymity (apparently anyone with 2 brain
> cells on nodding terms can figure out where you're
> going). The Tor documentation implies, however, the
> setting ftp to fail (port 8118) solves this. But I
> think people are saying DNS leaks are unavoidable. So
> what's the point of Tor(?). 
> Either there is no point or I'm not getting it. But
> anyway, it seems to me no average computer user is
> going to make sense of all this. And I certainly
> can't. So, as they say in the 'Dragons Den' (obscure,
> UK cultural reference point)..."I'm out!". :-)
> Thanks, all those who tried to help. 
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