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Re: Analyzing TOR-exitnodes for anomalies

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Maybe a problem with a DNS- Server?


Eben(am 6. 10. 2006 um 22:26 Uhr)hast du eingetippt:
> ok i have played now for more than an half hour with nonsense
> domainnames. every time the connection goes through an exit node
> located in texas, one time in the state new york and one time in
> denver i have got the advertising page.

> maybe it will be a nice test, that someone unsing the same ISP - and
> in that case maybe the same dns-route - that one of this strange exit
> nodes have will test what happened when the write a not registered url?

> I have also got the advertising one or two times when I was
> connecting to an exisiting page. But it seemes that nonsenses
> domainames are a good way for testing cause you can reproduce the
> advertising.

> much fun
> bernd

> Am 06.10.2006 um 21:34 schrieb bagelcat:

>> hmm. I think this is a problem with some dns-server on second/third
>> level wich make a link to that domainsponsor.com when they are
>> asked for a not registered url. Is it possible?

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