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ORPort is unreachable from the Internet


When attempting to run Tor as a middleman server (middleman exit policy
and SocksPort 0), I consistently receive the following error message

Oct 07 09:26:39.096 [warn] second_elapsed_callback(): Your server
( has not managed to confirm that its ORPort is
reachable. Please check your firewalls, ports, address, /etc/hosts file,

I am running Tor installed from RPM on a CentOS 4.3 machine
behind a Linksys access point with the server as the DMZ host with all
traffic forwarded to it.  The Tor recognizes my DirPort (9030)
immediately, but never the ORPort (9001).  Both ports are allowed
inbound through the firewall and I have validated connection from other
Tor nodes with "netstat -an".  I can connect to the ORPort on the local
machine with the following command:

# torify telnet 9001

What else should I check to determine why my node is failing the ORPort
reachability test?