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Re: Perplexing Tor Messages.

On Sat, Oct 07, 2006 at 06:42:49PM -0700, Caitlin wrote:
> I'm running a Tor server (WinXP SP2) with an exit node on port 80
> (hidden service)

I am already confused. Are you an exit node on port 80, or are you a
hidden service, or are you both? Your exit policy has nothing to do with
being a hidden service, and whether you're a Tor server also has nothing
to do with whether you're a hidden service.

> and my Tor message log is displaying a streaming list
> of 'yellow' warnings (please see below). I disabled the XP personal
> firewall that ships with the product and open ports TCP/UDP
> incoming/outgoing) 8118, 9001, and 9050 on the McAfee personal firewall
> as well in an attempt to create a stable Tor server. Any help would be
> appreciated. Thanks, Caitlin
> Oct 07 18:15:28:796 [Warning] router_choose_random_node(): No available
> nodes when trying to choose node. Failing.


If you're a Tor server, please don't restrict outbound ports at all.

Also, the earlier log messages may give you better hints about what's
going wrong.