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Re: Tor and Posting To Newsgroups With A Newsreader?

Hi  *Deacon Frost*   :

> Hiya,
> Can some one please tell me how I can use Tor to post to newsgroups by using
> a newsreader?  What newsreader to use and what settings? Thanks.

Any NNTP news reader ... This depend on your O.S.

For W xp you may use 40tude Dialog:

I'm using it also for my emails and start it with torcap:

"C:\Program Files\torcap\torcap.exe" 9050 "C:\Program Files\40tude Dialog\dialog.exe"

So all communications passed throught Tor...  ;-)

In preferences | Server, identity, signature:

identity :
you add your informations such as name, 
pop3 or pop3s server, smtp / smtp tls, 
your real email address...(for Gmane, for usenet put a false one to avoid spam !!!)

For Gmail it's :
pop3s : pop.gmail.com
port 995 SSL
+ name and password

smtp tls: smtp.gmail.com
port 587 ssl
+ name and password

NNTP server :  news.gmane.org port 119
NNTPS server : snews.gmane.org port 563

Please note that you have to suscribe to the or-talk list with NNTP
at Gmane web site before :


When you send your first Post with the NNTP client 
you received one email from Gmane to confirm you exist.
Answer it and it's all set !


Claude LaFrenière