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Re: Weird behavior of google and yahoo...

> Just tried to use google, it told me 403 forbidden, my network is DOS
> google servers and i should check my system for virus or spyware. The
> same with yahoo, I think someone using tor is doing something evil
> there. ExitNode was (freetux4ever).

There is info at http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/

In bullet summary, too many connections from one IP to some-sites (like Google 
and Yahoo) is viewed by them as bad behaviour.

Consider using http://www.scroogle.org/  

- This is a scraper for Yahoo and Google, basically a middleman (which is a 
good thing to use for non-tor users) between yahoo and google - this works 
great from Tor too.. also, if you are a Tor user then google/yahoo can use 
cookies to track you, scroogle won't try to set cookies (which is why you 
should configure toolz like switchproxy to remove all cookies when you switch 

Also, if you get 403 you can try another exit, just append nickname.exit after 
the URL.. as in http://google.com.nadia.exit/ to exit from nadia. This 
doesn't work with some sites, namely any site using vhosts, since the server 
may not know about no sitename.com.blahblah.exit vhost, just sitename.com, 
but it works for google & yahoo & most services who are so big & profitable 
that they only run one site pr server/server cluster.

- 9/11 inside job, check the evidence at http://www.scholarsfor911truth.org/