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Re: Culled Wedged CPUworkers Bug

On Mon, Oct 23, 2006 at 09:56:56PM -0400, marlowe wrote:
> I have discovered the following error message in my log files:
> "[notice] cull_wedged_cpuworkers(): Bug: closing wedged cpuworker. Can 
> somebody find the bug?"
> Has anyone else seen this and if so what information can I provide to 
> help track down this bug?

I believe this was fixed in, which was released on 2006-07-05.

What Tor version are you running? If it's a later version than that,
can you provide more details, like how often it occurs, whether you can
induce it to occur, whether there's high load at the time, whether your
CPU sucks, whether you're running an obscure operating system, and other
hints that might be helpful?